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High Peak K9 Groom & Train is owned by Ann Baslington-Davies.

Ann has been a professional groomer for over 14 years, working initially from a converted van travelling through the Peak District and surrounding areas. In 2007 she took over running High Peak Kennels in Sparrowpit, adding grooming to the kennelling services there.

Ann is an experienced groomer; she listens carefully to her client’s requests and is happy to discuss a variety of grooming options for your pet. The welfare of the animal is the most important thing and Ann takes care to ensure your dog’s grooming experience is as pleasant as possible. She has a number of clients with nervous dogs and works to reduce their stress and anxiety.




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Ann has over 11 years professional grooming experience and has handled a wide variety of breeds and temperaments in that time.

Training and behaviour

Training and behaviour

Ann is a Karen Pryor Academy certified training partner, one of the first people in the UK to attain this prestigious qualification.