Grooming Services

Ann has over 11 years professional grooming experience...


Situated on the junction of Hayfield Road and Buxton Road, on the edge of Chinley, the grooming salon is conveniently located. There is ample on-street parking.

The salon is warm and bright, fully equipped with a large secure hydraulic table to easily move large dogs and stepped access to a big bath.

Grooming is by appointment, with each dog receiving one-to-one attention. However, if the gate is open, so are we and we will be happy for you to come in and have a chat about your requirements.

Ann has over 14 years professional grooming experience and has handled a wide variety of breeds and temperaments in that time. Her qualifications and experience as a trainer and behaviourist enable her to make your dog as comfortable as possible with the grooming experience.

For appointments please call 01298 814 923 – if you get the answerphone, please do leave a message, we aren’t always able to get to the phone.